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Mt Shasta Area Businesses and Lightworkers Community Directory

Dawson Wreath Barn
My Spiritual Purpose, Marsha Yates
Carpentry and painting services
Shepherd's Dream
Larry's Mobile Auto Repair
Brooks Auto Repair & Tires Services
Phurreal Photography
Radio Star Studios
Computer & Internet Services
The Sanctuary
Mt Shasta Pyramid
Silver Moon Galleria
Jennifer Tibbitts, CMT
Neera Paine, CMT
Organic Healthy Gardens
Shasta Lily Quilt Guild
Rhea's Rescue for all Animals
The Greenheart Collective
Living in Harmony with Nature
Mt Shasta Inn & Suites
Bianca's Gourmet Food
Shasta Foods, Lopino - Vegetarian Food
Mount Shasta Refelxology
Siskiyou Arts Council
Signs of Life, Steve Hart - Signtist
Sacred Seed Crystals
William Star, Tai Chi / Chi Kung Class
Soul Connections
Able Tree Services
Mount Shasta Lavendar Farms
Couch Critics
Zepp's Web and Biz Services
Art Retreats
An Open Door of Love
Mary Saint-Marie
MMS (Miracle Mineral Solution)
EarthCare Global TV
Mount Shasta Rising
Mette Kolding, Coaching Services
Dr Arlan Cage
White Mountain Cafe
UPS Express Mail Center, McCloud
Announcements - car wanted
Grateful Day
LaHo-Chi Sessons & Training
Mt.Shasta Helicopter
Mountain Journey & Rertreats
Property for sale
Nickki Lee Hill
The Book Nook
John Schultz
The River Run Gallery
Alpine Lodge
Alpine Veterinary Hospital & House Calls
Nutritionist Natalie Pescetti, CN, NE
Stoney Brook Inn
Britton Stained Glass Studio
Emerald Springs Resort
Josiane Antonette
Siskiyou One 4 One
Biodynamic Cranial Work
Shimmeradiance, Susan Dillon
Vajra Pani Yoga
Dr Arlan Cage
Housing Wanted updated
Local Grub
Healing Touch Quick Steps
Debra G Meadows, virtual assistant
Jessica Murr Reality
Music Lessons
Creative Memories
Mountain Truck Repair
Dave's Sheet Metal & Cooperwork
The Crystal Room
David Schanaker
Jon Thomas Fine Jewelry
Dorothea Joyce
Earthalive Communications
Best of Mt Shasta
Hayehwatha Institute
ADYA Clarity
Fun Factory
Mothership Astrological Services
EarthSpirit Services, Noorah Hansen
Women In Business (WIB)
Room by Room Decluttering
Cowboy Furniture
Mt Shasta Ski Park
Noah's Ark, Pet Food & Supplies
Mt Shasta Tire
Weed Tire Factory
The Look, Hair and Nail Salon
Helmet Cam Central
Dive Cam Central
Weston's Quilting & Crafts
Grandma Mary's
Divina Salon
Subway - Weed
Subway - Mt Shasta
Sadhana with Sahadev
Swiss Hoiliday Lodge
Shasta Mount Inn
Say Cheese Pizza
Shasta Healing Arts Council
Erik Berglund
Head Rig
Sandy Patterson - Alternative Health Solutions
Gerry Smida Musician Extraordinaire
Della Clark, MS - Shamanic Practitioner
Heart of Shasta Vacation Rental
Sue Fink - Astrology
Economical Licensed & Bonded Tax Preparer
Dough Slingers
Shasta Base Camp
Hi Lo Motel and RV Park
The Power of Touch
Enlightenment: Developing Your Consciousness
Dorothea Joyce
Hi Lo Cafe
Siskiyou County Property Guide
Dolphin Star Temple & Gallery
Mt Shasta Fun Guide
Jin Shin Jyutsu and Acupressure Facelift
Sacred Mountain Spa
Andaman, Thai Cuisine
Trinity Table
Children of the LIght Healing Center
Mount Shasta Light Publishing
Telos and Lemuria
Planet Earth Store
Mount Shasta Bioregional Ecology Center
Life Journeys-Laurie Bagley
Mt Shasta Green Thumb Garden Supply
Snowcrest, Inc.
Mt Shasta Trading Co.
Mt Shasta Brewing Company
D.C.'s Income Tax Service
Britton Stained Glass Studio
The Siskiyou Spay Neuter Program (SNIP)
The Goat Tavern
Reflexology Services
The Gallery Experience
Butte Creek Outfitters
Poncho & Lefkowitz
Weed Building & Home Center
Mt Shasta Do it Best Hardware
Sherlock Music Shop
Video Village
Spiritual Memoir: Creative Writing Workshops
Calendar updated
Shasta Vortex Adventures
Stoicism Study Group
Dolphin Star Temple
Wayside Grill
Dolphin Star Gallery

Reiki Healing Circle
Mount Shasta Music Festival of Peace
Best Western Hotel
Ana Holub & Clear Path To Peace
Announcements updated

Housing wanted updated
The Oven Bakery
Wellspring Health Realization Center
Shasta Commons
Mountain Song Natural Foods
Music Transforms You
Radio Shack
Shasta Yoga Center
BAM! Small Biz Consulting
Telos Study Group & Ascension Ceremony
Jefferson Backroads
A Counseling Center for Spiritual Awakening
Mt Shasta Integrative Medicine
Being Happy Today
Mt Shasta Nordic
Starseed Music
Strings, Italian Café
Dos Geckos Restaurant, Mt Shasta’s Burrito Bar 
Black Bear Diner
Mt Shasta Parks & Recreation
ACE Hardware
Mt Shasta Pumice
Cheryl Rose
Strawberry Valley Upholstery
Pelorian Digital
Dunsmuir Chamber of Commerce
Live Uniquely and Create Your Purposeful Success!
Mowat Apiaries, producers of Mt. Shasta Honey
Mount Shasta Resort
The Gallery in Mt Shasta
Room by Room Decluttering
One Man Air Show
Mikaelah Cordeo
New Horizons Wellness Now
Service Dogs
Nature, Sustainability, and Learning
A Melo Place,  Arts and Project Center
Lougee Construction
Fishing Supplies
Baxter Auto Parts
2nd Chance Consignments
Hemp Headz
Princeton Flooring
Mount Shasta Pastry
Casade Glass
Chen and Lee's Restaurant, Chinese Cuisine
Ann's Drums
Dragon Vein Arts, Feng Shui
Liliy's Restaurant
Burger Express
Shasta Reflections
Casa Ramos, Mexican Restaurant
Heart of Goddess Aromatherapy
Valerie Speaks, CMT
Snow Removal
Crystal Lynne
Treasures of Mt Shasta, Spiritual TV
Spring Cleanup
Golden Rose Publishing
Stage Door, Vegetarian Cuisine Mexican Style
Shambhala Center and Store
Northern California Hiking Trails
Art Center & Fair Trade Emporium
Mt Shasta Herb & Health
Heart of Shasta
Exquisite Jewelry
Homemade Cacao
Geppetto's Toy Shop
The Shirt Gallery
Longhair Collision Works
Siskiyou First Aid
About Face
South Valley Movers
Zandona' Outdoors
Art to be Framed
Mt. Shasta - Japan Healing Foundation
Gotta Hava Hat
Chevron - McCloud
McCloud General Store
Other Side of the Mountain
The McCloud Market
Brown Dog Gallery and Gifts
McCloud Local First - Seeking Members
Mount Shasta Magazine
Shop LOCAL Community Coupon Book
McCloud River Mercantile Co.
Sacred Dance
Mercantile Hotel
Edgewood Interiors
Petite Herba Flora
Weed Store
Mt Shasta 7 Pathways Chakrateaz™
Turner Carpets, Etc. Inc.
Finest Planet
State Farm Insurance
Weed Bakery
Stinkin Cute Crafts by Abbi & Beth
Alpaca on the Rocks
Gary's Gourds
Transformational Healing Massage
Bear Wallow Herbs
Paws For Reflection
Siskiyou Lock Shop
Biondi Sports Therapy
Studio Sublet
Sacred Dance Class Update
Siskiyou Arts Council
Freemans Fast Lube
Casa Bella Hair Studio
Sweet Lavender Holiday Celebration
Sereni - Tea
Seeking Divine and Perfect Housing
Diana Gazes & The Light Team
Eagles Nest Resale Shop
Hecker's Power Equipment
Black Butte Coffee Co.
Custom Murals & Window Art
Window Cleaning - Comercial and Residential
Wisper's Art
Luscious Soaps
Mount Shasta Candle Company
Telos Study Group
Iridology Talk
Ionic Foot Bath
Light, Fun Filled Rings
Available for Immediate Enjoyment
Jefferson Economic Development Institute
Discover the Sacred Areas of Mount Shasta
Computer services for personal or business
Welcome to Mount Shasta area

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