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Creative Arts



Intarsia is a 15th century Italian art form and is a mosiac of wood.


For the past 15 years I’ve been creating Intarsia  pieces, which you can see here.  The are made to enahnce your environment by contributing positive energy and adding Light.


I am a Reiki Master and believe that this work contains my healing energy, along with being physically beautiful.

Mount Shasta Candle Company


I make candles at my home in my kitchen with lots of TLC !!


They are made from all natural soy wax, not paraffin! I only use natural, soy coated cotton wicks, not wicks with zinc cores.


Virtually all of the fragrances I use are skin-safe.


Soy candles burn clean with hardly any soot. Soy candles support the economy by supporting American soy bean farmers.


I hope you enjoy your candles as much as I enjoy making them for you!


Call me at, Lori, at 530 938 1981 to learn more and place an order.


Connect with me by sending an email.


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Luscious Soaps


"I started making my handcrafted glycerin soap designs five or six years ago. These fun, molded bars were a big hit as a way to say,"Thank You" or as a small Birthday "something".  Then Christmas Holiday baskets were requested and it went on from there.  We all love getting gifts and my designs make wonderful gift items at a reasonable cost.  I handcraft my glycerin soaps with the colors and fragrance or essential oils of your choice, or you may purchase what I have in stock.  I've created special request baskets for Bridal Showers, Weddings, Baby Showers, Anniversary Parties, Mother's Day, and Valentines Day gifts.  A school principal purchased little Christmas Trees to place in teacher boxes at holiday time as a way of saying "Thank You" at a reasonable cost.


Enjoy looking through all the fun designs in my Soap Gallery.  Also available are individual pottery plates packaged with several bars.  I will look forward to making up your special order soon!!


Thank You, Debbie


Connect with me by sending an email.       Call me at 530 926 1936


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 Wisper’s Art


Acrylic paintings, prints, cards, magnets, and bookmarks.


Check out my Bur Sur Jade - click here.


“Wisper’s creative work is a fountain of light, inner wisdom and inspiration. Her designs and colors touch my heart and connect me to my own passion ....  a tangible taste of love and compassion. She is a 21st century Peter Max with a fresh, joyous spirit”


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Gary's Gourds


Where each gourd is an original and one of a kind!   Gary designs and hand crafts his unique Native American inspired gourds in his studio overlooking Mt. Shasta.   Each gourd is hand carved, painted, stained and assembled.  Feathers, turquoise, leather and horn pieces are used to embellish and enhance the design.


I have always been interested in Ancient Indian Art; pots, bowls and artifacts.  When I became interested in gourd art, I converted my knowledge into a combination of Ancient Native American designs and my own artistic values.   

After retiring from 38 years in the medical field, I started my dream business of creating Native American inspired designs on gourds.


Connect with us – send an email.


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A Melo Place

Feeling Creative? Need Inspiration?


A Melo Place Art & Project Center

412 S. Mt. Shasta Blvd.

530) 859-1296

offers tools, materials and space to create a variety of art and craft projects. Special projects for seniors and support for people with disabilities. Come in to make individual crafts anytime. Painting and ceramics classes coming in January!

The last two weeks in December receive one hour free instruction!
Open Mon – Thur. 9:00 – 4:00

Space will be limited so please call ahead 530 859-1296


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*studiopsyche* design + photography


Nickki Lee Hill


Graphic Design + Photography 

see *studiopsyche*