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Shasta Connect Cheat Sheet, December 28, 2010



My goal with this edition is to help you setup a foundation for your social marketing efforts.


You have your web site or blog now, that all important online presence to give you the oh-so necessary “official” stamp of being a real biz!  The next step, and there are always more steps to travel on keeping your presence “alive,”  is doing social marketing to expand your reach.


Thought for the week: direct the social value of your web/blog page.


I talked in last edition about being able to measure your success as you move forward with social marketing. One item I forgot to mention, so here it is …… use the easy way to see traffic to your site.  The easiest measuring stick I have found is using Google and Bing web master controls, which I already gave you, but another is simply checking out


The closer your site is to being #1 then the higher your traffic volume is.  Yep. It’s that easy.  

Write down your rating today as shown on and then look it up again in four months to, hopefully, see that your site has an improved traffic rating – a lower number.


When your site has achieved a number under the rank of one million - pat yourself on the back. Kudos to you for your hard work. 


When I was teaching school, and teachers about technology, I had a site that was ranked as low as 510.  When you get serious about wanting to build traffic to your web pages then you can focus on your PageRank. But, from all the folks I have met, no one seems to be geared towards wanting that kinda traffic pouring in. For now we will skip talking about PageRank.


Tip: Search engines use methods to measure the social value of your web page or blog page which in turn determine the rankings of where your site is displayed from someone using a word or phrase search.


Social marketing is a mix of activities.  Doing them in concert works well. It all depends on how much time you want to contribute.  Let’s focus on the foundation components of social marketing at this time: social networks, articles about you, links to other sites/blogs relevant to the content on your pages, and instant messaging. 


As usual, I will start with the easies: build a link page.  This page will have be devoted to sites that you like, enjoy, benefit from, and it helps if there content is related to yours. For example, if your site/blog is about personal growth, having links to a site featuring homemade cookies won’t help your social marketing value. And, it’s really helps your social value if you exchange links with other sites instead of just placing links on your site – make sense?


Perhaps your first link will be to  Why? Your site is already listed there so linking to is called reciprocal linking in social marketing lingo  .... aka link exchange.


Remedy: develop six words to describe your offering – service, product, bling.


A link page is something you can work on over time. Don’t fret if you don’t get it done in one or two sittings. Ideally, you want a page with at least one hundred links on it. That is, if you are serious about building the social marketing value of your site/blog. 


Hey, increasing the people visiting your site takes time. We have to free ourselves from the “fast food” mentality that everything happens at the pace of a drive through restaurant. Allow yourself four months to see some measurable results in you visitor traffic.


…. set a reasonable goal for yourself.  For example, add 1o links a week to your link page and in ten weeks you got ‘er done - a page with a 100 links … hopefully they are reciprocal.


Now, being the multi-tasker that you must be to survive these days, you can work on your social networks in tandem with your links page.  To get another social value channel started, how about writing a power profile about you and your offering … and use those six words I mentioned in the Remedy above?  


In other words, you need a 500 word description about you that people can read on your social network page and get a real sense of you. But you have the first two sentences to capture them, so use those six words there – in the front end of your power profile.


I also suggest protecting your privacy. When I was on Facebook, with over 500 followers, I used a picture of me scuba diving so the mask and mouth piece and starfish on my head hid my features and looked provoking too.  


Last item for this edition, the links below contain over 500 social network sites. That is correct, there is more to social network sites than Facebook, Myspace, and other “main stream” sites you live and breath already.  Find ten new ones you think will fit your needs and we can start with those in the next edition of ShastaConnect Cheat Sheet. This is the broadest list and covers the farm in topics. This one is education related only. You need to drill down and find the fit for what you are offering. This is a commerce focused resource for the small business sites.  This site is devoted to Self growth and I suggest only joining it for free, don’t pay anything to get listed.


Blessings, Steu


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Steu Mann is a writer, Reiki Master, public speaker, and private consultant. He’s earned a Master’s in Education. His professional background includes being a science teacher, project manager in technologies, and running several small online businesses.


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