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Diana Gazes & the Light Team


Empowering individuals with CDs, seminars, private sessions, and products to support the changes that each individual and Mother Earth are going through now in this high energy frequency period.


Visit site for information and product info, including listening to her CDs.


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There will be a Telos Study Group Meeting on Thursdays at  at 1:00 p.m. followed by an
Ascension Ceremony at 2:30 p.m. You can attend one part or both.  We are studying The Seven Sacred Flames Book by Aurelia Louise Jones, Chapter 1.  The primary goal of the Study Group is to understand the initiations and steps we must take to further us on our Ascension Path.  The Ascension Ceremony is to help raise our vibration as we move forward on our Spiritual Path.  We look forward to having you join us this coming Wednesday!  


Please call to confrim your attendence and that class is taking place: 926-3669 or 530-925-9020 or if you have any questions.

                Love and Light, Harmony and Joy,     Wendy Weibel



Raven Stevens created Paws for Reflection, a healing practice focusing on the use of animal communication and flower essences for companion animals and their humans.

Our animals may go to great lengths to get our attention by acting aggressively, spraying, barking, being destructive, or they may have illnesses that will not resolve.


Using my intuitive skills, I have the ability to hear what your animal is saying. During the session, I will translate that information into a deep, heart-felt and informative conversation with you and your animal companion/s.


530 926 4339, 11am - 5pm Monday - Thursday



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13th Crystal Skull  Mayan
Meet Keeper, Susan Isabelle and The 13th Crystal Skull


Crystal Skull Workshops        Angel Workshops        Reiki Training


On May 20th 2012
5/20/2012 Annular Solar Eclipse at zero degrees Gemini.

On June 6, 2012.
Venus makes a rare planetary loop above the Orion star system, a rare planetary passage over the disk of the Sun


101 West Lake Street & Mt Shasta Blvd
  Mt Shasta Ca 96067


 Ann’s Drums


Ann's Drums are beautiful and have an
incredible resonance that sends vibrations
through one's most inner self when they are

played. Thus, playing Ann's drums can be a

very relaxing, centering and healing experience.
Ann's Drums are made with elk hide strung onto a round willow oak wooden frame in the Native American style hoop frame drum. Anns Drums are light to hold and easy to play. Each hide has it's own unique coloration and markings and therefore no two drums are the same. A custom drum can be made by Anns Drums just for you!

Ann has tie-dyed hides for her drums with walnut dye and other dyes. These hides have many interesting designs in them. Shapes that resemble birds, butterflies and animals often show up. Each drum hide is very unique.


Drumming together in a group is very powerful. Through drumming, we can attune ourselves to the heartbeat of Mother Earth.

Anns Drums will sing to you and you can find your voice with them.

530 926 3416


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Cheryl Rose


"Art Through the Eyes of the Soul"


Cheryl Yambrach Rose-Hall is a portrait painter, visionary artist and researcher. Using historical data along with her psychic impressions she creates empowered works of art based on sacred sites and their mythology.

Her work has been extensively published in a wide variety of forms — books, articles, magazines, CDs, Doreen Virtue's oracle decks — and has been featured on the Wisdom and Travel Channels. is her latest book video.


Cards               Posters                  Paintings                Book


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Senior Sacred Dance


With Deonesea each Tuesday at 4PM 


Goddess Temple, 207 High St.  Call for info 926-2144

Mt Shasta Light Publishing



We carry the products that authentically support you in your spiritual journey. Our books cover esoteric subjects yet break down the teaching of the Ascended Maters in simple to do and easy to accomplish steps. Learn about the Lemurian Heart that thrives here in the Mt Shasta area - in this sacred location on our Mother Earth.













Discover the mysteries of Telos and the Seven Sacred Flames at your own pace. The books, art, music, DVD’s, and other tools we provide are significant aids to understanding and living by your true essence – the divine I AM Presence that dwells in your sacred heart.


Newsletter     Adama’s Corner       About Aurelia Louis Jones     
Online Store


             530 926 4599

Ana Holub & Clear Path To Peace

To help you on your clear path to peace,
I offer emotional healing, forgiveness
counseling and conflict resolution. I work
as a counselor, author, poet and peace
educator. From my own difficult childhood
to becoming a successful counselor, I know
firsthand the benefits of using forgiveness as
a tool for inner peace, joy and freedom.

My academic training is in Peace Studies (BA,
Union Institute) and Dispute Resolution (MA,
Pepperdine Law School). I've also completed
domestic violence counselor training, 12 step
work, and Radical Forgiveness certification.

Everything I do with my clients is geared toward greater self-knowledge, release of fear and pain, and deepening of intuitive wisdom. I include inspiration from A Course in Miracles and experiential understanding of using your breath for healing. This work involves all of you - body, heart, mind and soul.

The journey is spiritual, but not religious.  It will move you into a whole new way of experiencing your life - and bring you to true inner peace and a feeling of joy that feels natural and whole.

See my website for information about my books, CDs, e-courses, and FREE DOWNLOADS: Call 530-926-4639 for a FREE CONSULTATION.

Della Clark, MS - Shamanic Practitioner



A shamanic practitioner for most of her life; with the assistance of her guides, Della teaches shamanic journeying, performs soul retrievals, and death and dying work. She also teaches overtone chanting. Chanting the overtones deepened her connections with spirit and her Teachers. She is dedicated to sharing this gift with others. Working outside of time, Della offers support to those who have had spiritual awakenings and spiritual visitations.

She hosts a journeying drum circle in Mount Shasta.

The Spirit of a Woman, Stories to Empower and Inspire
Autobiography of a Western Spiritwalker

Remembering Sacred Sound

(530) 859-1007


Archangelic Rainbow Healing Teacher Training (Level One)
Friday, 2/11 – Saturday, 2/12 – Sunday, 2/13 & Monday, 2/14


Be inspired and trained by Archangel Metatron, Archangel Raziel, Archangel Michael, Archangel Raphael, Yogananda of Self-Realization Fellowship, Saint Germain and El Morya Lord Mary Buddha, Goddess Isis, Lord Mary, Lord Jesus/Yeshua and Mary Magdalene.

You will receive your own Archangelic Rainbow Healing Teacher Training Manual.
A specific Archangel, Divine Mother or Ascended Master will be assigned by Spirit to each participant.

This one will oversee your progress with facilitators: Mother Mary-Ma McChrist, and Natasha Taylor. You will be given the opportunity to work with each teacher. Soon see their biographies on line. See color ad.

There will be a morning and afternoon session daily which includes: meditations, teachings, dictation, prayers and healing sessions from the Master Healers; plus time to learn and practice new techniques on the first 3 days. Valentine’s Day (2/14, the last day) will be Initiations, Empowerments, a formal Graduation and the receiving of your Level I Certificate.

The training is at the Temple of the Divine Mother.
Mother Mary-Ma McChrist 530-938-1524
17111 Yancy Court, in Weed CA 96094 (This is Lake Shastina – Get a map on line.)

The cost is $300 for the entire class, February 11th,12th, 13th & 14th. One free day was added. Register immediately as there is only room for a 22 people.

This allows for individual attention.  Initial registration is $13.00 which is non-refundable. The $300 maybe broken into 3 parts - $100. per month or call to make other arrangements. Registration and the first $100 will HOLD your place in the class. Go to for Pay Pal or send a check.

Be sure to fill out the Registration Form on-line and e-mail or mail it to Mary-Ma. You will receive a Gift of 3 CD’s or MP3’s after you register to help prepare you for this amazing class.

Mother Mary-Ma McChrist 530-938-1524

Sadhana with Sahadev


Sadhana  spiritual practice performed regularly for the attainment of God-realization. You are invited to attend any or all of the nine sessions that I facilitate weekly. See the details at Namaste! Sahadev

Your Observatory to the Universe: A Spiritual Destination

If you want leading edge knowledge and experience in the world of spirituality the Hayehwatha Institute has it.

Expand your awareness beyond the universe, and from there to look into the universe, or beyond, to discover where you originated and use that higher awareness to improve your life and bring about an evolutionary change upon the earth.

The programs draw upon the wisdom and counsel of two Spiritual Beings, Hayehwatha and Vovo Anamalia, who are committed to healing and planetary peace, presented through the Medium, Andree Morgana, Spiritual Teacher for 44 years.